Iron Core Series Reactors
( LV / HV)
Power Capacitor

Iron Core Series Reactors ( LV / HV)

We are Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of our Product Range. We are situated in Sangli, Maharashtra, India. We serves our customer all over the world. Earlier we have supplied to African Countries, Latin America, South East Asian Countries and Gulf Countries.


Type of Reactor - Iron Core

Type of Winding - Copper / Aluminum

Detuning Factor - 0.2% to 14%

Colling - Epoxy / Oil

Rated Voltage - 3.3 kV to 33 kV

Frequency - 50 / 60 Hz

Installation - Indoor / Outdoor

** We also provide reactor as per customer / system requirements.

Iron-core series reactors is a type of electrical reactor commonly used in power systems for various purposes, primarily to control voltage and current. These reactors are characterized by having an iron core, which plays a crucial role in their operation. It will control the impedance, voltage regulation, current limitation with harmonics reduction.

Role of Series Reactor in Capacitor Bank

In the existing power system due to electronics load or variable drives system lot of harmonics is generated and its very harmful for system stability as well as important electrical equipment. To mitigate these kind of harmonics as well as reduce switching inrush current series reactor is used along with capacitor bank. There are two types one is tuned & other is detuned.

Tuned Reactor

  • To minimize the specific harmonics that is only one harmonics level then tuned harmonics filter is used. At time of design we consider only one harmonics level.

Detuning Reactor

  • To minimize multiple harmonics level by using one reactor then detuned series reactor is useful. So in this reactor our design is combination of multiple harmonics filter in one arm.

Application of Series Reactor

  • Limit Harmonics Current
  • Stabilize the Voltage
  • Harmonics Reduction
  • Power Distribution System

    Series reactors are used in power distribution systems to limit fault currents, improve voltage regulation, and reduce the impact of short circuits.

  • Motor Dries

    In motor control systems, series reactors can be employed to protect the motor from inrush currents and to limit voltage spikes

Features :

  • 100% Pure raw material
  • Ten years of Design Life
  • Low losses
  • Less Temperature rise
  • Anti UV protection based coated paint

  • Specialty of Iron Core :

    • It fits in small space
    • Colling is Better
    • Losses of reactor is reduce
    • Size of Panel is reduces ultimately the cost of total panel is reduces

Technical data Sheet - Series Reactor

Sr. No. Description Technical Data
1 Manufacturer & Make SHARDA Electronics & Co. Plot No. J-32 MIDC Kupwad Sangli, 416436, Maharashtra, India. Make : SHARDA
2 Reference ISS 2026 - 6 / IEC 60076
3 Type of Capacitor Iron Core dry type series reactor
Iron Core Oil cooled type Series Reactor
4 Type of Winding Copper / Aluminum
5 Rated Frequency 50 / 60 Hz.
6 Rated Voltage(kV) 3.3 kV to 33 kV
7 Detuning Factor 0.2% to 14 %
8 Colling Method Epoxy / Oil cooled
9 Max. Continuous Current 130 times to the rated current
10 Temperature Rise Max.90o C by Resistance method
11 Class of insulation "H"(180o)
12 Terminal Arrangement At the top six terminal