LT / LV APFC Capacitor Panel

LT / LV APFC Capacitor Panels

We are Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of LT APFC Capacitor Panels, LV APFC Capacitor Panels and we are situated in Sangli, Maharashtra, India. We serves our customer all over the world. Earlier we have supplied to African Countries, Latin America, South East Asian Countries and Gulf Countries.


Rated Output: 50 kVAR to 5000 kVAR

Rated Voltage: 380 Volt to 1000 Volt.

SHARDA Low Voltage Automatic Real Time Power Factor Controller Capacitor Panel using Low voltage sturdy SHARDA capacitor with Thyristor or contactor as a switching devices, Inrush current limiting reactor or harmonics filter reactor.

For optimum utilization of available power, the reactive power consumption should be reduced or nullified i.e. power factor should be unity, hence, most of the Power Distribution companies have policy to penalize the industrial and commercial consumers for not maintaining power factor above certain limit (generally above 0.90 value).However, due to reactive power drawn by capacitive or inductive load in the consumer premises the power factor is either lagging or leading, thus to maintain it within limit i.e. for compensating or supplying required KVAR, the capacitors (in case of lagging PF) or reactors ( in case of leading PF) are connected across the system.

For stable load the fixed KVAR compensation is required, while for variable load the KVAR requirement also changes as per the load duration cycle, thus in such case the Automatic Power Factor Control Panel is installed.


  • Electricity saving.
  • Increase loading capacity of generator.
  • Reduction in kVA demand.
  • As kVA is directly proportional to current so substantially saving in I2R losses, eddy current losses, hysteresis losses.
  • Losses of cables and transformer is reduced.
  • Improves performance of electrical apparatus.
  • Time delay avoids impulse operation.
  • Automatic dynamic switching.
  • No inrush current, Voltage surges, Voltage spike, Harmonics generated at time of switching of capacitor.
  • Switchgears are used in panel which compliance all international standards.
  • Panels are protected by IP4XX.
  • Panels are powder coated with Anti corrosive coating.
  • Compact design.
  • Cooling is maintained by Exhaust fan & thermostat.
  • Efficient after sale service.


  • 40% saving in electricity bill.
  • Supply quality improves.
  • Saving in losses of transformer rating.
  • Avoid nuisance tripping for sensitive load in event of harmonics effect.

We offers range/ratings of LV Automatic Power Factor Controller Capacitor Panel is as per system or customer requirements with all voltage class.